The Winter Solstice is Driving me Crazy!

The Winter Solstice is driving me crazy! I need warmth, sunshine, maybe a tropical beach? Well plans for my next yoga retreat is not till April, so I am stuck like most of us in the darkness. Today marks the shortest day of daylight. Ugh, how to get through the next few months of darkness, snow, cold without total hibernation? Get out! Now that the days will get longer (yes by a few seconds each day) we need to start moving. Get on your yoga mat, get out for a ski, walk the dogs. If you are like me and find it hard to get motivated when you rise in the morning when it is dark, I plan the night before by laying out my gear. I put my head down and just go. No thinking about it, no pondering, just move. If your a “Yang Head” like me you may find that once you have moved a bit you are now ready to reflect by the cozy fire about how life is going for you? Are you content? Did you act with intregrity this past year? Where did you spend your energy? Are you replenished? Be honest and take time to jot down what worked and what did not. How can you be productive with this reflection? A winter solstice sankalpa can help set your time in the increasing light to be one filled with all your visions. Take time to meditation on how you will you use your insights in the light? What visions are you hoping for and how will you achieve them? Best to jot them down and place them around your home. Reminders of your sankalpa can help you stay on track. I like to keep a sankalpa journal that I can review each year to see if I am on my path… some years “yes” and others “not so much”. However depressing the “not so much” sankalpas can be, they help me be more accountable to myself and ignite a fire within to light the way for longer days.
Just booked a trip to Maui. I can manage till March with a little help with my focused sankalpa.