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The Year Ahead with Janet Corvino

Happiness Spills from Within

Taking students on retreats stirs my soul in a way other jobs never could. For many, my self included, teaching yoga was not a choice, a calling is more like it. We do it because we are meant to share our yoga insights with others, to awaken, to heal and to inspire. I love my job, if it’s still called a job when you enjoy it so much. I have led many retreats over the past four years and can honestly say, I have never had a retreat I didn’t enjoy. Each and everyone has been special to me, the student connections, the locations and the culture all fill me with such joy. Over the past few years, I have upped the ante by chosing exotic locations and offering a variety of experiences. That being said, I understand that not everyone can take time off of work to travel far and wide and so this year begins with a closer to home retreat, “Rainforest, Surf,ans Sutras” in Tofino, BC with lovely Jodi Dodd. We wanted to offer one retreat that was over a weekend, affordable focusing on the yoga sutras along with options to surf, hike and paddle board. It will be a fun filled three days with gourmet chef, Jamie Magee and Heidi Macpherson playing live music to our yoga classes.

Once October comes around, the amazing Crystal Rainbow Borrelli and I fly to Peru to “Elevate the Spirit” in the Sacred Valley. Crystal will lead us in chanting as we dive into yoga and the chakras before we venture on a hike to Machu Picchu.

Once the snow starts to fly in February, gracious Kanami Anderson and I will “Dive Deep” in a Niseko, Japan. We offer yoga and authentic Japanese cuisine throughout your ski/snowboard holiday. I fell in love with Japan last year and just had to come back.

Speaking of returns, I will venture again to gorgeous Puglia, Italy but this time with soulful Kristin Campbell. Talk about living passionately, the Italians invented it! “Stoke the Fire” retreat takes place in a gorgeous Italian ashram filled with excursions, amazing food and culture.
Greece is in the planning for the summer of 2017. Time for a trip to ancient lands and Ouzo.

Yoga and retreats make life richer and more meaningful for me. What stirs your soul? What makes your heart sing? Join me in celebrating life through yoga, travel and connections allowing happiness to spill from wthin.
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