Join Janet Corvino of Soul City Yoga for a two-hour workshop in Niseko Japan

Niseko, Japan Workshop Feb 24th

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Happiness Spills From Within

February 24, 2016 | 6:30-8:30pm | Cost: Y2,400

The three ingredients needed to live a joyful life? Play, Connection and Challenges.

Join me, Janet Corvino, in Niseko, Japan for a week of scheduled classes and a two hour workshop ‘Happiness Spills from within’ at Powder Yoga Studio in Niseko, Japan.

I will lead you through a deep backbend focused asana practice for all levels with the use of props and mindfulness you will expand your backbend practice to new heights. Share your heart opening practice with Niseko’s yoga community through a sweaty, soulful practice using partner work to enhance your body, mind and spirit. You can look forward to inversions for all levels, juicy hip openers, deep backbends and tons of laughter.