Dear Janet,

I wanted to write to thank you so much for sharing your spirit – your passion, wisdom, love and beautiful caring heart – with me and the fellow participants at the 2013 Baja Yoga Retreat. The vacation was one the exceeded my expectations, and you were a large part of that. Your took my Yoga to a whole new level. Not only did I become stronger and more confident in my practice with your guidance, I also found more connection to the Spirit with your wisdom you shared. You expanded and deepened my ability and knowledge, and excited my passion for Yoga even more. I feel everyone should go and immerse in the energy of your passion, be guided by your wisdom, and be touched by your friendship. Thank you from the depths of my soul for your generosity, guidance, spirit and friendship. A retreat with you is more than an escape, it is a journey of discovery. Thank you.

Deep love and gratitude,
Sonia, Vancouver 2014



The Baja Yoga and Surf Retreat was my 40th birthday present to myself and turned out to be everything I had hoped for and more. Our home base, Prana del Mar, was incredible. Luxurious accommodations, two gorgeous yoga studios, a stunning semi-private beach for walks or meditation and amazing food were just some of the highlights. But what really made the week truly memorable was Nicole and Janet. These two very experienced and inspiring teachers have different styles, but compliment each other beautifully both in the yoga studio and around the dinner table, where the conversation flowed and laughter was abundant.

Yoga practise with Janet was always exciting and fun. She played great music and always knew just how far she could push us. She was very encouraging too, helping me to find the confidence to try new challenging poses or to take others to levels I didn’t know I was capable of.

Nicole’s practises felt joyful and often involved refining technique, which was one of the primary things I had hoped to get out of this retreat. She augmented her teaching with Feldenkreiss, a technique I had never heard of prior to this week, but found fascinating. Nicole is also an amazing surf instructor. While I never managed to carve the green waves like she could, by the end of the week, my pop-up had dramatically improved and I could actually understand a surf report!

I have never done anything like this before but I am already trying to figure out how I can come back again next year.

Kirsten, BC 2014

It was a pleasure to have been part of your Maui Yoga Retreat. You and Catherine did a wonderful job (from planning to execution) and made me realize I could participate in most poses despite my limitations. We really had a great group of yogis and loved the synergy of our group. I loved the setting – Lumeria, Maui – it was really spectacular and first class.

Thank you for your individualized attention and for you positive creative energy.

I look forward to your future retreats.

Erika, Calgary 2015


Janet creates such a wonderful space to let go of regular life and relax into your practice. It was such a luxury to get to practice yoga 3 times a day at a beautiful retreat resort (Lumeria Maui), in a tropical environment surrounded by likeminded people. Add in a splash of tropical drinks, healthy delicious food and good conversation and it took the typical beach vacation to a whole other level (with plenty of beach time too). I was able to conquer new poses that I never would have normally attempted and came back with a new appreciation for the challenges and clarity that yoga provides me. I describe the yoga retreat as “fancy summer camp for grown ups” with fast friends, meal times and lots of optional activities. It was truly an amazing experience!
– Rosey, Vancouver